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C.P. ALUART adopts COOLMAX® technologies for PPE and workwear fabrics

Published on May 01, 2019

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C.P. Aluart manufactures durable moisture-wicking fabrics powered by COOLMAX® technologies for use in PPE and uniforms. These fabrics help keep workers, first responders and the military cool, dry and comfortable in difficult conditions.

C.P. Aluart, is renowned for innovating and manufacturing high-quality knitted technical fabrics for personal protective equipment and workwear, as well as uniforms for police, firefighters and military forces. Founded in Spain in 1992, C.P. Aluart understands that apparel offering lasting comfort and high-tech performance are paramount when working outside or in extreme temperatures. That’s why the firm manufactures fabrics that qualify for COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology branding.

How It Works

COOLMAX® technology creates apparel with permanent moisture management properties. Moisture is transported away from the body to the surface of the breathable fabric where it evaporates to keep the wearer cool, dry and comfortable. COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology not only provides moisture management, but also has a special fiber structure that provides insulation on colder days to deliver dependable year-round comfort.

Work with a Leader

C.P. Aluart is constantly researching new materials to meet the needs of a very demanding segment, and has the expertise and technical capacity to develop the highest quality technical fabrics in the shortest amount of time.

Contact C.P. Aluart today to view its collection of COOLMAX® brand fabrics suitable for uniform and workwear applications, or contact Marc Souto to learn more about The LYCRA Company’s robust portfolio of innovative polyester-based fabrics for the protection sector.

COOLMAX® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.

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    Marc Souto

    Technical sales representative - Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Belgium

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